Surya Kumar Varma

About Managing Director

The formation of this company was the result of a Strong mutual commitment among these travel “Pros”, who have shared a vision of providing their customers with the best & the most varied travel services available with us. We have now completed more than 15 years and have a reputation of being a reliable partner and supplier of top quality travel products & services from across the world.
                 Customer service is our top most priority. Right from the initial booking request to your client’s visit, we ensure quality of service. with expertise & experienced staff from throughout the travel industry, HOLIDAY ONE is able to offer a complete range of travel services under one roof.

Who We Are

Holiday One is a well-diversified company, bringing to you a wealth of experience in travel and touring across the world.  Since its inception, we have established a name in the market place that signifies dedication, quality and commitment, offering creative itineraries & travel solutions designed to suit the market needs.

We are specialists in tailor-made individual & group holidays for travelers seeking authentic experiences around the world.  Our reputation has been established through a deep knowledge and interest in the destinations & products we handle. 

Wherever you decide to go, we are dedicated to making your journey a holiday of a lifetime.

We are committed to bringing a new and better option to the market while being just and fair to our stake holders, employees, principals and service providers. Customer service is our number 1 priority. This applies to you the trade partner and the client. Right from the initial booking request to your clients visit we ensure quality of service.

  • Quality: Products, Service and Right advice
  • Pricing: Competitive & Value for money
  • Satisfaction: Meet and Exceed expectations

With years of fine working experience and well-earned reputation in travel industry, we have been building up a good confidence in our customers and trade partners. We are always highly appreciated by our partners because of Well-motivated and long experienced management & team who can meet exactly all the demands of the modern travelers nowadays

  • Efficient system and effective processes with a policy of prompt and accurate solutions
  • Qualified, professional and enthusiastic professionals who can provide service in a professional and committed way.
  • Good relationship with the airlines, hoteliers leading to benefits of good buying power.
  • Competitive price and value for money